The Best Memory Foam Pillows For Every Type Of Sleeper


Casper pillow

PHOTO: COURTESY OF CASPER.As a child, you go have pillow fights, but as an adult, you’re more likely to fight your pillow. If you consistently wake up in the AM with a crick in your neck, a headache, and a bad attitude then your pillow might just be conspiring against you. The solution? Scoring yourself a quality memory foam pillow that will actually lay your head to rest at night for good.Memory foam pillows offer many advantages to more traditional options. The material can better cradle your neck and head and provide excellent pressure relief. The material also retains its shape better than materials like feathers or other fluffy materials. And while you may think you know what to expect out of a memory foam pillow, you may be surprised. There are a wide range of options for different sleeping positions and preferences.Much like with memory foam mattresses, your choice will be most dependent on your sleeping style — according to Saatva, side sleepers require a thicker pillow for optimal spine alignment, back sleepers need a medium-thick consistency, and stomach sleepers might not need a pillow at all. Next comes types of fill; we found a shredded style pillow that lets you customize its thickness, but we also scored some classic slabs that do the trick. Ahead, read on for the eight memory foam pillows that will save you a trip to the chiropractor, according to sound sleepers.

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