Will The Tesla Cybertruck Have Futuristic Curved Windows?

ByJohnna Crider

Published24 hours ago

A new patent filed by Tesla suggests that the Cybertrick may have some futuristic curved windows that are also durable. The patent was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month and covers windows with “curves and feature lines.” The patent filing also included a method for manufacturing them.

Image courtesy of PatentScope.

The production method described in the patent involves applying localized heat from a laser or heating element to a location of a substantially planar glass structure (the glass window, in essence) and bending it at the location to form the feature line. The radius of curvature is a range between 2 millimeters and 5 centimeters. Also, layers of curved or joined glass layers can be added to create a curved multi-layered glass structure.

In the description, Tesla already reminded us that this is possible, since windshields exist. However, the processes for creating windshields starts with a flat sheet of glass that is cut into specific dimensions and heated in an oven to the right temperature, at which point they can be slightly bent or curved into the desired shape. This process is limited by just how much bending or curving you can do with the glass. An example of this is that only smooth, high radius curvatures (1–3 meters or more) are used for automotive glass structures. With this new patent, Tesla is changing this.

There’s a chance that Tesla may use this new method of making automotive glass for some of the interior elements of the Cybertruck, such as the dash, the front portion of the interior, or in the gauges, displays, and inside panels for doors. Even the consoles could be made from this new glass.

We don’t know for sure yet if Tesla will even use this glass (I think it will, but many patents are filed for things that never make it into commercial products). But it’s exciting to think about, and the patent gives us another clue as to how the Cybertruck may look when it’s finally ready.

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