New quantum computing breakthrough may be key to large-scale quantum chips

By John Loeffler – Computing Staff Writer 1 day ago

Is practical quantum computing less than a decade away?

A Quantum Computer Inside A Well-Lit Lab

(Image credit: University of New South Wales)

Quantum computing is the kind of technology that is hard to oversell, with the potential to perform calculations in a single step that would take a traditional computer hundreds of thousands of years to carry out. 

The problem is that the same loophole in physics that gives quantum computing its incredible power also makes it almost impossible to reliably control – but researchers say that may be about to change, and large-scale quantum chips capable of finally delivering on the promise of quantum computing might be here far sooner than we expected.

New research published in Science Advances on August 13 claims that a new technique could give quantum computing engineers a way to reliably control not just dozens or a couple of hundred qubits, but millions, clearing one of the biggest hurdles that have held quantum computing back from being commercially practical.

An Isotopically Pure Wafer Intel Says Can Be Used For Quantum Processors
(Image credit: Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation)

The problem with qubits is that they rely on a phenomenon in quantum mechanics known as superposition, which allows a subatomic particle to have two mutually exclusive properties (such as the spin of an electron) at the same time. 

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