Here’s Why You Should let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

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Have you ever wondered if sleeping with your dog is good for you? Well, there has been a lot of research done to say that it is. Sleeping with your dogs helps reduce stress and anxiety. It may even help you if you have trouble falling asleep or have insomnia.

Sleeping with your dog helps you feel safer too. I mean, you have your biggest protector next to you when you’re most vulnerable. Not to mention that it build a stronger bond between you and your pooch. Do you share your bed with your pet? Tell us in the comments down below!

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Research says that sleeping with a dog provides comfort and security

Image credits: pexels

Sleeping with a dog is very comforting for a lot of people. 56 percent of dog owners say that they sleep with their dogs next to them. Research says that women feel safer sleeping with a dog than with a cat or even another human being.

Image credits: pexels

It’s also said that sleeping with your dog boosts and helps mental health

Image credits: justeleft

In 2012, a study showed that pets help relieve mental issues like stress and anxiety. Human-animal contact benefits such factors as cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure. And it may reduce stress-related factors such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, lower aggression, enhance empathy, and improve trustworthiness and trust in others.

Image credits: unsplash

Image credits: pexels

Image credits: rukasthedog

Image credits: pexels

Sleeping with your pupper may also help you if you have insomnia

Image credits: unsplash

If you feel safe and less stressed with your dog nearby, it’s natural that it will be easier to fall asleep. So if you have troubles sleeping or have insomnia, try it out. Perhaps your furry friend is all you need?

Image credits: brukne_the_dog

Sleeping with your dog is good for them too

Image credits: pexels

Most dogs love to snuggle and sleep next to their owners. It’s warmer, comfier and they feel like they’re part of the pack!

Image credits: rukasthedog

Image credits: pexels

Keep in mind that sleeping with your dog can cause allergies or make them more severe if you already have them.

Also, it may be a way to spread disease if your pup likes to eat things off the ground or doesn’t like to get washed often.

You may also rethink it if your dog is very big and active.

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