The Power of Elon: Tesla CEO Approves of CyberLandr, the Cybertruck Dream RV

Home > News > Editorial18 Jul 2021, 05:51 UTC · by Elena Gorganauthor picThe Cybertruck, the Tesla electric pickup truck that has divided opinions, sparked memes and has already revolutionized the auto industry without even existing beyond the prototype stage, is supposed to go into production later this year. Once the final prototype or the production version is shown, the wheels will start spinning on the first-ever Cybertruck overlander, the CyberLandr.

The CyberLandr, despite the vehicle base, its name and its direct dependence on the Tesla e-truck, is not related to Tesla. It is actually the first product from startup Stream It, Inc., which was initially based in Las Vegas but has now conveniently relocated to Austin, Texas (i.e. the home of the CyberTruck).

It is touted as the most revolutionary RV ever created, smart and adaptable, versatile and very comfortable, the perfect vacation vehicle, moving office, or even permanent residence slash getaway vehicle in case of natural disasters. That last part includes zombie attacks, which is just fitting for an overlander meant for the equally zombie-ready Cybertruck.

We spoke about the CyberLandr at length in early April this year, when it was launched. Just to be clear, the CyberLandr doesn’t exist yet, but that is to be expected. Since it’s meant for a product that’s still to formalize final dimensions and design elements, its exact specs depend on it. It does, however, take reservations – and Stream It is reporting astounding demand. More precisely, just three weeks after launch, the CyberLandr had $50 million worth of pre-orders, including all the available special-price reservations (a $5,000 down payment to get it at $39,995) that had sold out. Those who did not or won’t place a pre-order will be able to get the overlander at a starting price of $49,995.

So what exactly is this CyberLandr? It’s the dream RV, in short. It’s smart, compact when closed because it hides in the Cybertruck vault under the electric tonneau, but spacious when deployed, offering sleeping for two adults and two children. It has a full kitchenette and a living space that can be anything you need it to be, from moving office to living room, bedroom or recreation room. It also has a spa-like bathroom.

More importantly, everything inside is controlled in the app, allowing for easier maintenance and cost control. “In much the same way that Teslas are software-defined cars, CyberLandr is the first software-defined RV,” Stream It says. “This means that instead of a wall covered with control panels for water tanks, pumps, battery status, solar panels (each with its own user interface), there is an app for your smartphone to consolidate and simplify these functions. But it doesn’t stop there, the app can also be used to control the lights, window dimming, view the video surveillance cameras, and much more.”

Not least of all, the CyberLander is, as of earlier this month, Elon-approved. The Tesla CEO is very active on social media, so much so that, sometimes, some things he posts there slip between the cracks. This is one of those times: shown a video of the CyberLandr opening up into a full-blown off-road residence that’s completely self-sufficient, Musk responded with just four letters: “Cool.” And these four letters can end up making all the difference.

As noted above, the CyberLandr has already proven a success, if the number of reported pre-orders are any indication. The promise of a perfect RV, which blends the versatility of an off-road vacation vehicle with the functionality of a permanent residence that’s also self-sufficient, is far too alluring for many to resist. The Cybertruck itself is that, so the mere association would have helped the CyberLandr. The fact that it has such impressive specs only adds to the appeal.

Now that Elon is seemingly “cool” with the idea, expect interest to grow even bigger. That is the power of Elon: the power to bring down one cryptocurrency and elevate another, to sick a legion of angry supporters on “haters” and critics, or to substitute for an entire PR department. All in the space of just one tweet. In this particular case, he does it in just four letters, bringing the product one step closer to actually making it into production.


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