2019 Tesla Model X EPA Ratings Compared: LR & Performance

The Long Range Tesla Model X can go up to 325 miles (523 km) on a single charge and uses 351 Wh/mi (218 Wh/km) including charging losses, according to the EPA.

Together with all versions of the Tesla Model S, the EPA updated the online range/energy consumption numbers for two new Tesla Model Xversions – the Long Range and Performance (with 22-inch wheels). The Standard Range and Performance with base 20-inch wheels are still missing.

The new naming scheme from Tesla of Standard/Long Range/Performance replaced the previous, related to battery capacity and powertrain (75D, 100D, P100D, etc.). The Long Range and Performance versions are still equipped with ≈100 kWh batteries, while Standard is ≈75 kWh.

According to the latest test results, the new Long Range version (former 100D) is able to go 10% further on a single charge: 325 miles (523 km)compared to 295 miles (475 km). The higher result was achieved by corresponding improved efficiency of the latest S/X cars. The energy consumption in the combined cycle decreased to 351 Wh/mi (218 Wh/km), including charging losses.

Interestingly, the top of the line Performance version with the 22-inch wheels (compared to 20-inch standard) is way less efficient. Range is just 270 miles (434 km) (down 17%!), while energy consumption 427 Wh/mi (265 Wh/km) (up 21.7%). It’s the price of more performance and the appearance of a car on bigger wheels.

2019 Model X EPA range and energy consumption (including charging losses)

  • Standard Range – range of 255 miles (410 km) est.
    • EPA data N/A yet
  • Long Range – range of 325 miles (523 km)
    • combined: 96 MPGe – 351 Wh/mi (218 Wh/km)
    • city: 99 MPGe – 340 Wh/mi (211 Wh/km)
    • highway: 93 MPGe – 362 Wh/mi (225 Wh/km)
  • Performance (20-in wheels) – range of 305 miles (491 km)
    • EPA data N/A yet
  • Performance (22-in wheels) – range of 270 miles (434 km)
    • combined: 79 MPGe – 427 Wh/mi (265 Wh/km)
    • city: 80 MPGe – 421 Wh/mi (262 Wh/km)
    • highway: 77 MPGe – 438 Wh/mi (272 Wh/km)
Tesla Model X (2019) EPA numbers - June 17, 2019

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