Apple Watch sales are up again – time to give us some numbers, Tim

Sales are up 50% for the June quarter
Apple Watch doing big gunsThe Apple Watch is going strong, with Tim Cook announcing a 50% year-on-year growth for the June quarter during the latest earnings call.

Yet still, Apple isn’t telling us how much that is in smartwatches sold. Cupertino continues to keep Watch in its ‘Other’ category of products, lumped in with Apple TV, Beats devices, (what remains of) iPods and a few other accessories.

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Apple doesn’t like to talk ‘Other’ numbers, simply because it’s never going to be anything as impressive as its iPhone or iPad sales. The category was up 23% on last year, but we expect Watch was making up most of that, with AirPodstaking another sizeable chunk.

It’s tough to tell because Tim still won’t let slip how many Watches have sold. Maybe come Apple Watch Series 3 Apple will be ready to break it off into its own category, or at least tell us specific numbers. Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin reckons the latest earnings suggest Apple shifted 2-3 million units. Not bad.

We’re expecting Apple’s HomePod to find its way into the ‘Other’ bracket when it launches this December. Sadly Tim didn’t say much more about that, or Watch in fact, but we were treated to another episode of ‘Tim Cook talking up AR’ in which he said, “I think AR is big and profound and this is one of those huge things we’ll look back and marvel on the start of it.”

From what we’ve seen from Apple’s ARKit so far, he’s definitely got reason to be excited.


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