Tesla Model 3 Infographic Features Wicked Charts — Revolution Is Looming

We’ve moved away from publishing infographics here on CleanTechnica since they often involve a lot of pointless swirls and zigzags that just distract from the key facts and stats. However, some infographics are done very well, and I think the one below from Mediakix (h/t EV Annex) is a good example.

This Tesla Model 3 infographic features a handful of stunning charts on auto company production, market capitalization, revenue … and of course the Tesla Model 3.

Before jumping into the charts (infographic), though, I think there are a couple of points to note. These comments from EV Annex cover some important footnotes: “Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] stock price changes daily and has experienced market volatility (to say the least) over the past few weeks/months. Therefore, data in this infographic reflects prior stock price based on past performance. Musk has also updated his Model 3 production forecast to include a 20,000 car run rate in December. In addition, although the infographic shows $0 spent on advertising, Tesla has since begun to spend only $6/car on advertising.”

I would also add that the $0 of advertising and even $6/car advertising are inaccurate. Tesla doesn’t advertise in several conventional ways (TV commercials or banner ads on CleanTechnica, for example), but it does put money into referral programs, Supercharging, and company videos that do or should count as advertising.

Anyhow, with that long intro out of the way, here’s the infographic:


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