Apple Watch Sales Looking Up And Apple AirPod Demand Still Continues To Easily Outpace Supply

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Last week, Raymond James analysts conducted a survey of 500 consumers in June, which showed that 14% of those surveyed fully intend to buy the HomePod/Beats wireless speakers. Investors need to keep in mind that the HomePod is not even available yet and, more than likely, will debut during the Christmas selling season toward the end of 2017. The survey found despite that fact, more consumers indicated their decision to purchase the HomePod and/or Beats wireless speakers than they did for Amazon’s Echo.

In addition. the report from Raymond James found that there was high demand for the Apple Watch and for the AirPods (conceivably the hit product for last year’s Christmas selling season). Finally, the analysts at the firm conclude that despite their expectations of flat iPhone sales in the June quarter, other Apple products like the Watch and AirPods could make up for the slack in the June quarter. Incidentally, AirPod demand is said to be exceeding supply by six months as per Raymond James.

Nice problem to have for Apple and Apple shareholders, no?

The survey further showed that 19% of those polled indicated they would buy an Apple home speaker system system (including Beats wireless speakers) compared to 16% of those that would buy an Amazon Echo. According to the analysts, 12% of those surveyed also indicated that they are in the market for an Apple Watch, the highest level seen by the Raymond James analysts thus far.


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