Model 3 Photos Show Tesla’s New Car in the Wild

Tesla’s new Model 3, an electric car aimed at middle-income buyers, is projected to begin delivery soon. On Thursday, a sharp-eyed photographer named You You Xue says he spotted one on the road in San Matteo — presumably in the hands of a Tesla employee — and helpfully took detailed photos as the car charged.

The photos have been collected in an album here, and are also embedded below.

They seem to show slight exterior tweaks compared to earlier Model 3 prototype images, with sharper contouring on the side panels and a more aggressive profile – though that might just be a matter of angle and lighting.

Either way, while Tesla has been at pains to paint the Model 3 as its entry-level vehicle, the new photos show a car with a lot more curb appeal than your average Corolla.

Xue also caught glimpses of the car’s interior, where the impression is much more obviously bare-bones. The only visible instrument panel is a touchscreen at the center console.

As observers have noted since the design was first revealed, it could really take some getting used to — and having to take your eyes so far off the road to see your speed could even be unsafe.

Tesla’s high-end Model S, by contrast, features both a center console screen and a readout above the steering wheel.


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