Health Canada Proposes Restrictions On Marketing Unhealthy Foods To Children

Health Canada is proposing new restrictions on the way companies market food and beverages to children.

Parliamentary Secretary to Health Minister Jane Phillpott, Joel Lightbound, made the announcement in St. John’s this morning along with the launch of public consultations.

The restriction would ban marketing of unhealthy food to children under 17 across the country.

Director general at Health Canada, Hasan Hutchinson, says the proposed restrictions would include all forms of media.

He says when it comes to scope they are looking at all marketing techniques from TV and Internet, to in store promotions and sponsorship’s.

The restrictions would target foods with high per-serving levels of sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Health Canada is looking at two possible models where foods with more than 5 or 15 percent of the total daily value would not be allowed to be marketed to children.

This includes obvious foods like cookies, soda and junk food but also things such as some juices, cheese and yogurt with high levels of sugar and saturated fats.

Health Canada is launching the consultations today that will run until July 25 and Hutchinson says they expect to have regulations in place by Fall 2019.

He says unhealthy eating is the biggest risk factor for disease in Canada and this initiative will help create the conditions to make it easier for Canadians to make healthier choices.


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