Survey Shows More Millennial Women Are Saying “F*ck It” and Not Shaving Their Armpits

A new study shows that increasingly more and more women are ditching razors and embracing their body hair — but more specifically, their armpit hair.

Mintel, a UK-based market research company, conducted a survey of 2,000 internet users aged 16 or older to learn more about their beauty habits. The survey discovered that 77 percent of women aged 16 to 24 removed their underarm hair in 2016, which is actually down from the 84 percent of women who shaved their pits in 2014. That means nearly one in four women from that sample group are saying “f*ck that” to razors.

The data also showed that a whopping 83 percent of women from that same age group agreed there’s “too much pressure on women to remove or groom body hair.” We couldn’t agree more with that one!

Now, although we can’t quite generalise this data to encompass all women, as only 2,000 were surveyed, we must admit that we, too, have noticed a widespread movement toward going au naturel in the armpit department. Despite backlash for doing so, many celebrities like Paris Jackson and Bella Thorne have chosen to shun the shaver, along with other non-celeb women who have proudly shared snapshots of their grown-out hairs on social media. This Mintel study might just be the proof we need that hairy pits are here to stay. So, would you forgo your razor this Summer?



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