Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Specs, Price, Features

UPDATE 05-05-2017: With Samsung having confirmed the existence and forthcoming release of the Galaxy Note 8, analysis and reportage on the phablet is turning to precisely how this handset will turn out. But a new report this week suggests that other Samsung devices may showcase some of the key features of this smartphone before it arrives in the stores.

It has been widely anticipated that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a dual-camera that was originally intended for the Galaxy S8. Samsung experienced problems in incorporating this device into its flagship smartphone, and it had been believed that it would debut instead with the Galaxy Note 8. But a leak at from China instead suggest that the new technology may first see the light of day in a different Samsung handsets.

Galaxy Note 8 Concept
Image Credit: Ivo Maric / Concept Creator / YouTube video (screenshot)

Galaxy C rumor

Releasing this rumor on Twitter, @mmddj_china indicates that the Galaxy C smartphone release will utilize a dual-camera setup, before the Galaxy Note 8 is available in the stores. This new release from Samsung will benefit from a vertically orientated and centrally located dual-camera on the rear of the device, so the leaker indicates.

The Galaxy C series launched last year with the release of the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7. Samsung produced these two smartphones in order to suit the needs of a wider range of customers, with increased internal storage capacity and enhanced camera functions among the key aspects of these devices. Music-playing was also promoted at the time, with Yiyin Zhao, Vice President of Information Technology and Mobile Business at Samsung, commenting on the attraction of the C5 and C7.

“Samsung added new elements in terms of design and functions of the Galaxy C series, aiming to create smartphones that best fit users’ daily usage. Samsung believes smartphones are not only communication devices, but also symbols of status and indispensable accessories of modern society. We paid extra attention on the design: the outer metallic look of Galaxy C Series enriches its fashionable touch, making it the top pick for users on the hunt for trendy and stylish gadgets,” Zhao asserted.

This suggestion will undoubtedly raise speculation on whether other major features linked with the Galaxy Note 8 will also be part of the Galaxy C as well. The branding of the next generation Galaxy C is not known as of yet, but there will be the murmurings now that it could incorporate the embedded fingerprint sensor that had been linked with the Galaxy Note 8 as well.

One should remember, though, that the Galaxy C range is intended to be something of an entry-level Samsung mobile, and this brings into question whether the dual-camera is really likely to feature as part of this mobile, let alone whether it could suddenly become some feature-packed powerhouse.

Concept video

Meanwhile, a major new concept render of the Galaxy Note 8 was also launched this week, designed by Concept Creator. This major YouTube channel has already built a significant reputation for delivering exciting concept images of upcoming smartphones.

The Galaxy Note 8 concept is absolutely stunning, and has already received an enthusiastic response from YouTube viewers. The first notable aspect of the concept is the display covering the entirety of the front panel, with the device eliminating the physical Home button. It would be surprising if this prediction is anything other than extremely accurate, as this design mechanism is now becoming extremely popular in the smartphone niche, and was indeed a feature of the Galaxy S8.

Concept Creator also believes that the S Pen stylus will be retained for the Galaxy Note 8, which will open up possibilities that the innovative speaker-based unit could be included. The video also suggests that the S Pen slot will be based at the bottom of the device, with the newest version of the stylus perhaps offering more than the 4,096 different levels of pressure included with the Galaxy Note 7.


The YouTube channel also believes that a dual-lens rear camera will be included in the Galaxy Note 8, with vertical positioning allowing the screen-dominated design to flourish. Bixby will also be included according to Concept Creator, and Samsung will doubtless be working on improving its personal assistant as we speak.

While Samsung has enjoyed a challenging period in its history following the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, the financial performance of the company has been surprisingly encouraging. Just days ago, Samsung shares reached a record high, responding to strong earnings data, and prompting analysts to boost their price target for the consumer electronics giant’s stock.

Profit predictions for the Korean company have already escalated to untold heights, and an outstanding Galaxy Note 8 release would complete what has actually been a rosy and impressive recovery period for the company. This climate could perhaps prompt Samsung to take more chances with the Galaxy Note 8 than would otherwise have been the case, although a focus on durability and stability will still be central to its ethos.

4K screen coming?

Above all else, the major debate regarding the Galaxy Note 8 will focus on whether Samsung will finally embrace 4K resolution with this phablet. This screen resolution technology is becoming an increasingly prominent part of the mainstream technology landscape, with Microsoft boasting recently that its forthcoming video games console, the Xbox Project Scorpio, will run all games in native 4K.

Has the time come for Samsung to finally take the plunge and include 4K resolution in one of its mobiles? Well, this would certainly makes sense for two reasons. Firstly, Samsung has become increasingly associated with screen technology over the years, since it became the largest seller of television sets on the planet. And, secondly, the improved resolution of the Galaxy S8 means that Samsung has very little room for manoeuver other than opting for 4K resolution, if indeed it wishes to distinguish the Galaxy Note range from its smartphone flagship.

With outstanding specs and an exciting new design seemingly planned, the Galaxy Note 8 will be well worth looking out for later this year, in a year in which it will likely be challenged by the tenth generation iPhone 8.

UPDATE 04-21-2017: With the Galaxy S8 now primed for general release, attention is turning to the other major device from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8. This is naturally a critical release for the Korean corporation, following the disastrous exploding fiasco associated with the Galaxy Note 7 predecessor. And as preparations continue for the next generation phablet, some intriguing new leaks of the device have appeared online.

Leaked image

Slashleaks has published what purports to be a leaked image of the forthcoming smartphone running the Bixby AI assistant. Bixby was introduced for the first time this year, and is expected to play a major role in the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8
Image Source: Twitter

What is notable about this photograph is that the device pictured in it appears extremely similar, if not identical, to the existing Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The wraparound display from the flagship


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