Apple Watch Rumoured Update Boasting New Display Tech Could Be Brilliant

Apple Watch Edition with ceramic case.


Apple Watch Edition with ceramic case.

Apple Watch users know that their smart timepieces have great OLED displays, especially the latest Series 2 models which are much brighter than the first one.

But how about a whole new technology in the screen, Apple? Business Korea claims that the Cupertino company is developing its own screen system using micro LEDs instead of OLED.

This makes sense because Apple has owned LuxVue, a power-efficient LED company since April 2014. Before we go any further, let’s be clear, it’s the power-efficient part that’s of first importance here. A low-power display is important for any battery-powered tech, but for a gadget that goes on your wrist, the battery is pretty titchy, so the more power-efficient the better.

OLED already offers some energy savings, which is why so many of the screens are dominated by black which saves energy on OLED in a way it doesn’t on LCD screens, for instance.

LuxVue has filed multiple patents on micro LEDs, so it may be that there are more innovations to come here, too

First of all, they are likely to have longer lifespans than some rivals, which is a boon for anyone who wants to keep their gadget longer.

But one of the most exciting possibilities is that the micro LEDs could be used in new, different ways.


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