British Columbians want public schools to offer greater access to healthy foods

A new public opinion survey from the BC Healthy living Alliance reveals that a majority of British Columbians are concerned about children’s physical activity and support government investments to expand access to healthy food options in public schools.

The Health Priorities Survey released on Monday revealed 76% of respondents to be concerned about the impact of physical activity on children’s health, followed closely by nutrition (68%), mental health (67%) and poverty (65%).

>who> BC Healthy living Alliance </who>

>who> BC Healthy living Alliance

“We know that 60% of children are not active enough today and the poll shows British Columbians recognize this as a health issue,” said Scott McDonald, Chair of the BC Healthy Living Alliance. “Interestingly, people in equal numbers support investments to make it easier to walk and bike, which can dramatically increase daily physical activity in children and adults.”

Indeed, the survey also revealed that the majority of B.C. residents support investments to increase quality childcare (85%), active transportation infrastructure (76%), affordable rental housing (76%), mental health community care (74%) and a poverty reduction plan (69%).

Respondents pointed to the expense of healthy foods as the largest barrier to people eating nutritionally.

According to the survey, around 70 percent of respondents want the Government to ensure that children in public schools have access to healthy food through break and lunch programs.

BC Healthy Living Alliance commissioned the survey to measure public support for the health recommendations outlined in their #MakeBCHealthier4Kids policy guide.

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