Apple and Nike launch limited edition Apple Watch NikeLab, from $369

Last year, Apple unveiled the Watch Series 2, and among the many options available was a version created in partnership with sports and fitness brand Nike. The Apple Watch Nike+ featured exclusive sport bands, but it was otherwise technically identical to the standard Watch Series 2 models, aside from a simplified watch face for fitness fanatics, and integration with the Nike+ Run Club social platform.

Today, the two companies have expanded their collaboration with the Apple Watch NikeLab. It features a new strap design, but it’s otherwise identical to the previous version.You won’t be able to buy the new strap design separately from the new NikeLab model, so if you’ve really got your heart set on it, you’ll have to buy the whole Watch to get it.

The Apple Watch NikeLab will only be sold through Nike’s website, NikeLab locations, and – for some reason – at a single Apple Watch pop-up shop in Tokyo. The 38mm is priced at $369, while the 42mm will set you back $399.

Source: Nike via The Verge

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