Microsoft brings support for Android for Work apps to its custom Android launcher

Microsoft is currently testing yet another major update for its Arrow Launcher on Android. The company today released a new update for its custom Android launcher to users part of the beta program, bringing a number of new features. Most notably, the launcher now supports Android for Work apps. For those unfamiliar, Android for Work effectively separates the business apps from the personal apps on your phone. For instance, you’ll see two different versions of Gmail which will separate the content from your work account and your personal account. Android for Work also allows your employer to deploy apps to your device, which means Arrow Launcher will automatically show new apps whenever they are deployed by your organization.

There’s also a new Notes card for the widgets section in Arrow Launcher where users can jot down their thoughts. Arrow Launcher’s new Notes card is similar to how Windows’ Sticky Notes feature that basically allows you to take notes on the launcher and the notes are also easily accessible from the home screen. You can also create lists within a note, or add an image if you want which is pretty neat.

Other notable new additions in the latest Arrow Launcher update includes QR detection and voice dictation for the Search feature, and the ability to create app shortcuts. Here’s the full list of new features:

  • Notes! New card that allows you to easily jot down some notes, with image support.
  • Search function now includes voice and QR.
  • Android for Work apps support.
  • New feature: create app shortcuts.
  • Password protection option for hidden apps — more secure than ever.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Arrow Launcher’s new features will arrive for all users sometime soon, but if you are part of the beta testing program, you can grab the latest update from the Google Play Store here.


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