Satechi’s new USB-C travel charger juices up your MacBook and more

If you happened to catch my gadget diary post from yesterday where I was talking about buying a laptop dedicated to travel, you may have also seen where I said it will probably be a 12″ MacBook. If this happens, I’ll want a new travel charger to go along with my travel computer and the new USB-C travel charger from Satechi looks like a perfect choice.

Satechi’s new USB-C charger has a sleek look with an aluminum shell that is currently available in silver and space gray, with a gold version being released in May.

This charger features two Type-A ports and one Type-C port. It can charge multiple devices at once, and is compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel smartphone, MacBook 12″, MacBook Pro 13″ and more.

The silver and space grey versions of the Satechi USB-C travel charger can be purchased now for $39.99 at Satechi and even less at Amazon.


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