Power Up Your Raspberry Pi With Your Very Own Version of Alexa

Matrix Labs has been hard at work creating a special AI voice recognition system for the Raspberry Pi, and now it seems to have come to fruition. After running a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund the project, we’ve gotten a look at the “Voice,” which aims to have you creating your very own personal assistant a la Alexa and company. This could very well be the start of your own creations.

The Voice, which was created by Rodolfo Saccoman and Brian Sanchez, will include an “open-source voice recognition platform” made up of 3.14 inch in diameter dev board with a radial array of 7 MEMS microphones connected to a Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA & 64 Mbit SDRAM with 18 RGBW LED’s & 64 GPIO pins. In other words, it’s a pretty powerful little device, and you can add lights into the mix with whatever voice recognition you set up.

The Voice will run for $99, after a funding round that managed to drum up $5.8 million in money from Azoic Ventures and Rokk3r Labs. You should see the Voice available soon for purchase online. This means your being able to start putting your own creations together. The Voice and the Creator that go with it will sit right on top of your Raspberry Pi, and allow you to tinker a bit to create something that works best for you.

You can see a bit of how the Voice works in the video below, and it looks like it could be fairly complicated. But it’s obviously meant for hardcore DIY fanatics. If messing with a Raspberry Pi is too difficult for you, you’ll probably just want to stick to a regular Alexa or Google Home assistant. But if you’re the type of person who likes to tinker and get creative with your two hands, this is a project that should be of interest to you.



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