Build Your Own Sidekick-Inspired Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer

Do you long for the days of your Sidekick, arguably one of the best-worst-greatest phones to ever hit the market? NODE shows you how to build a mobile Raspberry Pi machine that should help with that longing as long as you don’t care about the actual phone part.

He uses a new Raspberry Pi Zero W, a 3D printed case, and an old iPhone 5 sliding keyboard case. It’s all soldered together to add in a full-size USB port that still includes access to the HDMI, a battery charging port, and more.

NODE has been on a quest to make the perfect portable Pi for a while, his first iteration used a Raspberry Pi A+, while his second upped the ante with a Raspberry Pi 2 and is still to this day one my favorite Raspberry Pi projects. I haven’t gotten around to actually making one for myself, and now I’m not sure which of these two I want to try and make for myself first.

Each of NODE’s iterations has improved or changed the original concept slightly. This round the project packs in a 3D printed case instead of a few retrofitted and commercially available parts, which feels much more high concept than the first two.

There are a few different small screen variations of Raspberry Pi operating systems available too, so you should be able to find something that works for what you want to make.



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