Apple iOS update creates instant storage space

iPhoneTime to load up on HD movies and games.

Apple device owners may find they suddenly have a lot more storage space for music, videos, photos and apps, thanks to an iOS update that improves the way data is processed and stored on all Apple devices.

The new update, dubbed iOS 10.3, comes with a variety of storage and security improvements, as well as new functionalities for Siri, Apple’s voice-activated digital assistant. Siri can now access a variety of apps, including Uber, photo streams, payment services and internet phone apps.

But the feature most tech junkies are excited about is the new Apple File System, or APFS. APFS stores information differently from Apple’s old Hierarchical File System, which the company has been using for its products since the 1980s. The differences are highly technical, but for the lay user, AFPS will mean more efficient file storage, better file encryption and an overall faster experience when using Apple devices.

Computer program-savvy users hailed the new file system (and extra storage space) on Twitter.


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