And finally: Apple Watch could get a driving mode

The latest wearable tech news murmurs and blips
Apple Watch may get driving mode

This week’s Baselworld has showered us with smartwatch news. From Hugo Boss to Tommy Hilfiger to Fossil and Movado, everyone’s getting in on the Android Wear game, joined by a lineup of equally intriguing hybrids from Alpina, Marc Jacobs and more.

Elsewhere, of course, Apple and Samsung were still making headlines. Apple debuted some new spring bands for the Apple Watch while Samsung unveiled some cool concepts of its own at Basel, including a hybrid pocket watch, and gave the Gear S3 Classic an LTE edition.

There was a ton of news but, believe it or not, there are a few more nuggets to explore.

Apple Watch may soon have a driving mode

And finally: Apple Watch could adapt to when you're driving

The snoopers over at 9to5Mac have uncovered a new Apple patent that hints at a driving mode for Apple Watch. Basically, the Apple Watch would detect when you’re driving based your motion and change how notifications are handled.

Once the Watch knows you’re driving it would change what notifications are sent to you, how many notifications you can receive and where you can receive them. For instance, if you’ve got your iPhone connected to Car Play and an Apple Watch, all your notifications will be routed to Car Play and not on your Watch. Using an Apple Watch while driving is definitely a no-no, and if Apple can figure out a way to make it less appealing to check out the watch while driving then all the better.


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