In light of daylight savings, a reminder of beneficial sleeping habits

FARGO—Daylight savings also means losing an hour of sleep and doctors say timing is everything to adjust.

According to The National Sleep Foundation, 40-percent of adults get less than seven hours of sleep a night.

Between seven to nine hours are recommended.

Less than that can result in depression, weight gain, and heart problems.

The Director of the Sanford Sleep Center says when you go to bed is just as important as how many hours of sleep you get.

“Going to bed the same time, and getting up the same time – which doesn’t always seem realistic. That’s what people really need to try and do the majority of their live. Be on a sleep schedule. Good sleep hygiene. Because it’s going to be light out going forward,” said Nikki Mills, Sanford Sleep Center.

The Sleep Center says spending 30-minutes in the sun when you wake up on a Sunday morning can help the transition.


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