Watch Out For Apple Watch Series 3: A Superior Digital Wrist Piece

Rumors are rife about the third edition of Apple Inc.’s popular wrist gadget. Global smartwatch sales and those of other wearable gadgets are seeing massive slumps right now. Lovers of the Apple Watch are interested see how Apple will ensure its alluring Watch series stays above this trend. It became largely apparent last year that smartwatches are having a hard time to pulling in sales worldwide. Analysts peg the decline to be as a much as 50 percent. Faced with these stats, CEO Tim Cook said the Apple Watch was immune to the effect. He also went on to say that the Apple Watch would continue to see strong adoption rates throughout the 2016 Christmas quarter and beyond.

Today, LearnBonds wades into talks about the third iteration of the Apple Watch. Bearing the direction of the wearables market, it is clear that even the Apple Watch could cave if it fails to innovate. Reports suggest that the makers of the iPhone have no intention to see their digital timepiece fall into irrelevancy. Talks range from the introduction of a circular faced device, to the use of modular watch links crammed with dedicated functions. Here are a few exciting prospects about the incoming Apple Watch Series 3.

In spite of the increase of smartwatch competitors, Apple remains at the lead of this segment of the wearables market. But there also appears to be an increasing push for a more conventional-looking smartwatch from Apple. This year could see the Cupertino tech company release a circular Apple Watch to help boost the gadget’s adoption.

Current editions of the Apple Watch flaunt iconic squarish designs. However, leading rivals such as Samsung with its Gear wrist piece, the Huawei Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360, all offer circular faced designs. They also take advantage of the more widespread Android OS, but analysts believe their conventional look is what makes them so approachable.

Round Watch doesn’t make sense

Not too long ago, the New Yorker questioned Apple’s Jony Ive — head of design — about whether the firm plans to introduce a round smartwatch some time in the future. The design chief said it simply didn’t seem appropriate for a product like the Watch. “When a huge part of the function is lists, a circle just doesn’t make any sense,” Ive told the news outlet.

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True to this stance, the square-like design can still be seen on the latest versions of the Watch series, despite the demands for a conventional-looking wrist piece. In the months building up to the Watch Series 2, rumors had fans looking forward to a circular faced gadget. Alas, the firm held its ground and the device was revealed in the same shape as its older sibling.

Although, there is still reason to hold out for a round Apple Watch in 2017. Apple Inc. already has round watch patent in its arsenal. It was filed in June 2015 — the same year that saw the first Apple Watch series unveiled. Allegedly, Apple is interested in adding an array of pixel columns and rows, each varying in length. This would “save space and reduce crowding” according to one report. It is possible that the firm is only waiting for the novelty of the square-like design to fade.

Apple beats wearables trend

Industry research has produces some concerning statistics about global smartwatch sales. The International Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker had updated it Q3 2016 results and they suggest Apple Watch sales were down more than 71 percent during the three months leading to Sept. 30. That is compared to the same time space in 2015

Apple Watch

The third quarter of 2015 held around 4 million Apple Watch sales. That is an impressive figure considering the Watch only landed in the 2nd quarter that year. IWQWDT claims Apple only manages to pull in 1.1 million watch sales during the 2016 September quarter.

But CEO Tim Cook has disputed these claims. He insisted Watch sales have been “great”and are set to do ever better this holiday season.”

“Our data shows that Apple Watch is doing great and looks to be one of the most popular,” Cook told Reuters last year. True to his word, the company saw a record-worthy Q4.

Cook said the sales growth goes well beyond expectations. He also said the Watch sell-through seen in the first week of holiday shopping “was greater than any week in the product’s history”. The company projected that the past holiday quarter would be the Watch’s best quarter since its launch in 2015.

Modular Watch links

Apple looks keen to add key functions to its watch links. Recently discovered, a patent filed by the company shows an modular system of accessories in the form of watch joints. Picture links dedicated to battery power, biometric sensors, connectivity, camera functions, haptic feedback and speakers. These would effectively make up the watch’s metal band.

The patents was initially heard of in March 2016. It includes standardized links that hold working electronic components. These modular individual devices are made to appear and work as normal watch links, too. They will be attachable via some flexible conductive material similar to those in the Apple Link Bracelet.

Watch rakes in great sales

Apple is yet to give the public details about its Watch’s actual sales performance. This is mostly done to keep competitors in the dark. At quarter revenue calls, the company groups Watch sales with other ‘accessories’. Last September saw the unveiling of the latest Watch, dubbed Series 2. The iPhone maker also collaborated with sportswear giant Nike to produce a new Nike+ edition of the Watch. It is speculated that both these items pulled in large sales numbers this Christmas season.

The last few weeks saw Tim Cook and his tech firm share their three month earnings leading up to December 31. The Christmas quarter showed some impressive gains with more than $17 billion in overall profits. Apple Inc. remains at the head of smartwatch sales worldwide.

The Apple Watch is also the globe’s second leading watch brand by revenue. First place remained fixed to Rolex in that regard. It is interesting to know that the company has a round design stashed away in its back pocket. The secured watch link patent is equally as exciting. Perhaps 2017 will be the year these designs get put to use.What do you think about the incoming Apple Watch? Is there any dire need for a re-approached design, or can the makers of the gadget hold off from upgrading this year? What features would you like to see on the next edition? Feel free to leave a comment below. You can also keep the conversation going by sharing this page on social platforms.


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