Although this Thursday will see the release of issue 49 of The MagPi, we’re alreadyhard at work putting together our 50th issue spectacular. As part of this issue we’regoing to be covering 50 of the best Raspberry Pi projects ever and we want you, thecommunity, to vote for the top 20.Below we have listed the 30 projects that we think represent the best of the best.All we ask is that you vote for your favourite. We will have a few special categorieswith some other amazing projects in the final article, but if you think we’ve missedout something truly excellent, let us know in the comments. Here’s the list so youcan remind yourselves of the projects, with the poll posted at the bottom.

From paper boats to hybrid sports cars
From paper boats to hybrid sports cars
  1. SeeMore – a huge sculpture of 256 Raspberry Pis connected as a cluster
  2. BeetBox – beets (vegetable) you can use to play sick beats (music)
  3. Voyage – 300 paper boats (actually polypropylene) span a river, and youcontrol how they light up
  4. Aquarium – a huge aquarium with Pi-powered weather control simulating theenvironment of the Cayman Islands
  5. ramanPi – a Raman spectrometer used to identify different types ofmolecules
  6. Joytone – an electronic musical instrument operated by 72 back-lit joysticks
  7. Internet of LEGO – a city of LEGO, connected to and controlled by the internet
  8. McMaster Formula Hybrid – a Raspberry Pi provides telemetry on this hybridracing car
  9. PiGRRL – Adafruit show us how to make an upgraded, 3D-printed Game Boy
  10. Magic Mirror – check out how you look while getting some at-a-glance infoabout your day
Dinosaurs, space, and modern art
Dinosaurs, space, and modern art
  1. 4bot – play a game of Connect 4 with a Raspberry Pi robot
  2. Blackgang Chine dinosaurs – these theme park attractions use thediminutive Pi to make them larger than life
  3. Sound Fighter – challenge your friend to the ultimate Street Fight, controlledby pianos
  4. Astro Pi – Raspberry Pis go to space with code written by school kids
  5. Pi in the Sky – Raspberry Pis go to near space and send back live images
  6. BrewPi – a microbrewery controlled by a micro-computer
  7. LED Mirror – a sci-fi effect comes to life as you’re represented on a wall oflights
  8. Raspberry Pi VCR – a retro VCR-player is turned into a pink media playingmachine
  9. #OZWall – Contemporary art in the form of many TVs from throughout theages
  10. #HiutMusic – you choose the music for a Welsh denim factory throughTwitter
Robots and arcade machines make the cut
Robots and arcade machines make the cut
  1. CandyPi – control a jelly bean dispenser from your browser without the needto twist the dial
  2. Digital Zoetrope – still images rotated to create animation, updated for the21st century
  3. LifeBox – create virtual life inside this box and watch it adapt and survive
  4. Coffee Table Pi – classy coffee table by name, arcade cabinet by nature. Teaand Pac-Man, anyone?
  5. Raspberry Pi Notebook – this handheld Raspberry Pi is many people’s dreammachine
  6. Pip-Boy 3000A – turn life into a Bethesda RPG with this custom Pip-Boy
  7. Mason Jar Preserve – Mason jars are used to preserve things, so this one isa beautiful backup server to preserve your data
  8. Pi glass – Google Glass may be gone but you can still make your ownamazing Raspberry Pi facsimile
  9. DoodleBorg – a powerful PiBorg robot that can tow a caravan
  10. BigHak – a Big Trak that is truly big: it’s large enough for you to ride in

Now you’ve refreshed your memory of all these amazing projects, it’s time to votefor the one you think is best!

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