Samsung Artik 10 Will challenge Raspberry Pi and avail in Next Month – Pricing, Specifications

The Raspberry Pi 3 competitor is soon debuting in the market.Samsung’s Artik 10, which is the Raspberry Pi 3 competitor is readyto go for sale in next month. The Samsung is ready to start shippingit to customers from Next Month. The Artik 10 is the little computeralternative, just like Raspberry Pi.

The Samsung Officials said that the Artik 10 will be available atOnline retailer, Digi-Key in the first week of May. The Artik 10 ispowered by the 8-core 32Bit ARM Processor, which seems outdatedif we look at the processing power of 64Bit Quad-core ARMProcessor, which is available on Raspberry Pi 3 board. On the Graphics processing side, the Artik 10 ison the higher side. It comes with Mali T628 MP6 Graphics processor, which can HD Videos at 120Frames Per Second.

The Artik 10 has old processor architecture, but it has 16GB Onboard Flash Storage and 2GB ofLPDDR3 RAM, which is still higher than the Raspberry Pi 3. For connectivity, it comes with USB portsand other expansion ports for Sensors, camera, display and other necessary components. The Artik 10also has wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. The pricing of the SamsungArtik 10 may cross the Raspberry Pi 3 price. The expected cost of this Smart Computer Board can bemore than $100.

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